How to Start a Plant Nursery?

Plants are considered as the most significant basis of the food chain. Every living organism relies on plants for its survival either directly or indirectly. The value of vegetation is highly unappreciated in many ways. Most of the human beings consider gardening a tiresome and boring activity. However, there are some of those that find it relaxing and rewarding at the same time. If you own a chunk of land, you can turn it into a lovely garden by starting a plant nursery. Not only will you manage to grow food for you and your family, but also sell it commercially and make some profit. This article will discuss how you can start a plant nursery.


Check with the legal department in your state

For any individual to run a plant nursery, some states require that they should have a license and legal permit. You should carry out enough research to understand which regulations apply in your area. However, if you plan on starting a commercial nursery, you will have to apply for a business license. Additionally, you need to know the requirements for building permits. You may be required by law to build a greenhouse depending on the regulations of your location. Moreover, you could be planning to build a storage facility for all your gardening equipment. Check the rules governing planting in your area according to state agricultural inspections.

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Analyze your potential market


For you to decide what plants to grow, you will need to analyze the demand for your product. Find out what type of plants your potential customers would prefer and available opportunities in the market. Plant nurseries produce different plants where some could be used for landscaping, backyard gardens, reforestation among others. This will help you determine if you should grow plants in containers or bare in the garden. You need to know the quantity of plants you should produce. Producing more plants that the market can accommodate will lead to wastage of resource as you will be left with the surplus. On the other hand, being unable to meet the need of the customers will affect your relationship negatively.


Establish a site for your plant nursery


The site you choose for your plant nursery should serve all purposes effectively. Firstly, it should be close to a reliable source of water which will be used for irrigation. Note that to install an irrigation system from a river or lake, you will require a permit from the water department. Ensure that your site is easily accessible. Sometimes customers may want to visit the nursery and have a general idea of how it operates or buy products from it.


Understand the climate and potential challenges in your area


Before growing any plants, you need to know the weather and temperature variation of that area all around the year. This will help you prepare in advance in case of extreme weather conditions. You must also identify any pests, diseases or insects in that area that may affect your plant. If need be, you should apply for a chemical applicators license.